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Dash DogWash

Our Story

We love dogs. That’s the most important aspect of who we are, and what we do, but we also recognise a true dog lover in a heartbeat. We see it in our customers’ eyes and we see it in our team’s skills and care.

Dash DogWash believes that every dog deserves to be groomed on a regular basis. We genuinely care about the dogs we look after and we become an important member of that dog’s family throughout its lifetime. We meet them when they are puppies and groom them through their senior years. That’s no small gesture given that most dogs will live a minimum of 10 – 13 years with many more hitting the 15 – 17 year old age group.

Our team have been known to send their fluffy clients off to the vet with an issue they discover, or give behavioural tips to many a loving pawrent.

Dash DogWash was born in 2012 when it’s big brother brand, Blue Wheelers just couldn’t fit in all their customers – especially for a quick wash between their regular grooms. Dash DogWash Groomers quickly upskilled when the need for more grooming became ever more evident during the past decade. Some of our team still do wash only services but most now offer a full wash, clip and groom service.

During Covid 19, dog ownership continued to increase as more and more people worked from home. Now, whilst many have returned to work, dogs are going to the office more and more each working week. Dog Ownership continues to grow and the Aussie Pet Industry is valued at $20.5 Billion and growing.

We still can’t keep up with demand and we are always on the look out for switched on dog lovers to join the team.

What We Know?

Blue Wheelers Wash Clip and Groom was born as HydroDog in 1996. We rebranded this Australian iconic brand to Blue Wheelers and introduced its little brother brand Dash DogWash in 2012. You might say we know a thing or two about dogs.
Calculations puts us at over 10 Million dogs groomed and counting. Wow that’s a lot of tails to tell.

Dash DogWash
Dash DogWash

Our Team

Meet the team behind the Brand.

Franchises Available – Come join the Team

Dash DogWash is part of the Australia’s No 1 choice in mobile dog grooming.

Our Blue Wheelers and Dash DogWash Groomers are a 200 strong group of doggy mad people from all walks and stages of life. Together with our support team we are a forceful pack of grubby dog seekers.

Without our Team, Dash DogWash would not be where it is today. Highly regarded, successful and in hot demand.

With decades of experience in this business, we offer the best training by far; Our Big Yellow Kennels are the best office on wheels and there’s so much demand for service, you will build your business quickly with our business system ticking all the right boxes.

Dash DogWash
Dash DogWash


Roll up those sleeves and join the team over at Dash DogWash – we will get you on the road earning good $’s in next to no time. All training and equipment provided. Just ask our team for more info.



  • Pre-brush to loosen dirt & debris
  • Eyes and ears gently cleaned
  • Towel drying
  • Cologne
  • De shedding
  • Get pup-arazzi ready with our exclusive shampoos
  • Jet Dried
  • Aussie doggy treat after every wash

Full Grooming available to ensure your dog’s coat is fashionably on point.

Dash DogWash

Why Join the Team ?

Dash DogWashBusiness Ownership give you freedom and choice;

Dash DogWashChoose your own suburb, hours and customers;

Dash DogWash is part of the Australia’s No 1 choice in mobile dog grooming;

Dash DogWashDash has decades of experience in this business;

Dash DogWashComprehensive Training and On Going Support;

Dash DogWashThe Big Yellow Kennel advertises your business as you work;

Dash DogWashEstablished business brand makes access to Finance easier.