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Top Dog (Franchisor)

Official Dash Top Dog Martin Rose has been involved in the franchise industry for almost his entire adult life. He’s a successful entrepreneur and loves nothing more than sharing his passion for success with others. He’s considered to be a thought leader and a highly professional franchisor in this sector. His participation in the Franchise Council of Australia is widely appreciated by his peers.

Martin and Janie together bought Blue Wheelers in 2006 after many years in food retailing. Together they stripped back the business and rebuilt it with new values and integrity which remain intact today.

Janie and Martin’s dog Lulu is their favourite daughter (don’t worry, they only have boys!)

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Dash DogWash team member


Marketing Manager

Janie Rose has a long history in marketing and has built her knowledge on a successful career which has spanned both the entertainment business and retail. She’s always ready to share her marketing knowledge with new team members.

I look after our Brands of Dash DogWash and Blue Wheelers.  I was involved in creating these brands and I’m mighty protective of them.  I strive on helping our team to always show the brand in a positive light.  I help our team by strategically marketing for our future success.

My special super power is that I’m a very positive person and I love taking a ‘but….’ and changing the emphasis to a positive interaction.

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Dash DogWash team member


General Manager

Gary has been in franchising for over 23 years, in this time he has held numerous positions from Franchise owner, Operations Manager, State Manager & National Franchise Manager.

Gary has worked for multiple franchise companies, they include Emirates Leisure Retail, Red Rooster, Oporto & Chicken Treat.

Gary is very passionate about franchising and is here to ensure Blue Wheelers remains the number-one choice in the Dog Grooming industry.

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Dash DogWash team member


Business Development Manager

Col Burrow is the ‘go-to’ man if you are interested in becoming a professional dog groomer with Dash DogWash. Col will take you on your journey to joining our fabulous team and starting up your own Dash DogWash business. Email him at [email protected]

Col is a Labrador man through and through. Having owned Bella and Daisy who both lived their best lives with Col and his gorgeous wife Steph, they sadly followed each other over the rainbow in the past few years. Recently they welcomed Lilly Grace, another feisty Labrador to the fold. Col calls her Lills Pills most of the time and is still training her to be the dog they deserve.

He loves to talk and enjoys nothing more than building relationships with the people who join our team. He gets to know them very well as they go through the process of joining a renowned franchise system. Oh and he knows all there is to know about dog grooming.

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Dash DogWash team member


Social Media and Marketing

Mallaika moved to Melbourne from New Zealand earlier this year. She is a Communications Specialist with experience in Social Media, Public Relations, Marketing and Media Relations.

She loves travelling, the outdoors, and of course dogs!

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Dash DogWash team member


The real Top Dog (don’t tell Dad!)

Lulu joined the Team in 2014 as our most important Mascot and Sample Tester of our products and… Treats

Lulu has experienced many of the groomers on our team – she will travel wide and far to be groomed by one of our Groomers. She has a favourite but she said she doesn’t lick and tell.

Lulu loves going to the office and doesn’t fully understand why everyone loves her but accepts it as normal.

She is super clever. “I know when my Mum and Dad are going out. It’s when they say “OK”. Sometimes this means “Let’s Go”. Sometimes it means I can ‘tuck in’. Sometimes though, they say OK and nothing happens!

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Dash DogWash team member


Vic Support

May was managing a financial planning practice when she went looking for something more fun.
May became a Blue Wheelers Mobile Dog Groomer in 2008 so she could have flexibility and control over when she wanted to work and when she wanted to take holidays.
After 9.5 years on the tools as a groomer, May sold her established grooming business in 2017. We loved her so much we refused to let her walk off into the sunset. She embarked on a new role within Dash DogWash as National Operations & Training.
In recent times, she has stepped into the less frenetic role of Team Support for Victoria and Tasmania.
Like Col, May has groomed 1000’s of dogs as a mobile Groomer and continues to do so as she supports our team on the road in Melbourne and Tassie.

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Dash DogWash team member


Team Support, SA

Rehanna brings her deep understanding and love of all things canine to the grooming table. As well as owning her own successful Blue Wheelers Wash, Clip and Groom business she now loves helping others to reach their full potential.

Rehanna started as a Groomer with Blue Wheelers in 2013 with no experience in dog grooming nor running a business. She fell in love with the business right away and found she was very good at it.
In 2018 Rehanna became our support person for the SA team and the rest is history! She is much loved by the team and her experience and positivity is infectious.

Rehanna has groomed 14,000 dogs and is counting more as the days go by.

She owns Hamish the Westie AKA Sausage, Mista the Barista or Trouble. Then there’s Jockee the mixed breed also known as Mr Jockee and together they are the Doubles. The Doubles know that Rehanna hates washing dishes and can be found giving her support when needed.

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Dash DogWash team member


Team Support, WA

Since 2010 Mark and his wife, Kristie have been part of our Blue Wheelers Wash, Clip and Groom family. Mark balances his well-established business with a busy family. Together they enjoy helping the WA team members with their business achievements.

Between them Mark and Kristie reckon they have groomed over 30,000 pooches – that’s got to be a record of some sort.
Chorizo, the Jack Russell x Ridgeback came to them as a rescue dog. In the family he’s often referred to as Spicy Sausage, Rizo, or Cheese Balls (clearly Chorizo loves his food! – we hear he’s also pretty fond of Kristie and Mark’s King size bed)
Mark and Kristie love onboarding new Groomers and helping the more established Groomers to reach the same level of happiness and success they have achieved.

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Dash DogWash team member


Team support NSW

Sharon is yet another groomer who started off with our company as a dog groomer in 2014, working with her daughter for part of that journey. She has sold her business in recent times and joined us as Team Support in 2022.
Sharon loves being on the road, getting to know all the Groomers across Blue Wheelers and Dash and helping team members to keep growing their business.
Her Staffie Cross is called Mavis (cool name!) but also answers to May May. Mavis never tells on Sharon when she sees her having a sneaky chocolate when nobody is home.

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Dash DogWash team member


Team Support Queensland

Amber, a dog lover through and through, joined Dash DogWash as our Queensland Support in 2023.  Amber thrives on Dog Grooming and helping our Queensland team reach their business goals.

With 19 years of Dog Grooming under her belt in both mobile and fixed salon settings, Amber is an amazing asset to our Queensland team.  She owns K9 Chic Dog Grooming Boutique and School, where she puts our Queensland team through their paces while learning to groom dogs of all breeds to our high standards.

Amber’s household is a busy one with her own family and 6 dogs.  She loves to ride horses in her spare time.

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Franchises Available – Come join the Team

Dash DogWash is part of the Australia’s No 1 choice in mobile dog grooming.

Our Blue Wheelers and Dash DogWash Groomers are a 200 strong group of doggy mad people from all walks and stages of life. Together with our support team we are a forceful pack of grubby dog seekers.

Without our Team, Dash DogWash would not be where it is today. Highly regarded, successful and in hot demand.

With decades of experience in this business, we offer the best training by far; Our Big Yellow Kennels are the best office on wheels and there’s so much demand for service, you will build your business quickly with our business system ticking all the right boxes.

Dash DogWash
Dash DogWash


Roll up those sleeves and join the team over at Dash DogWash – we will get you on the road earning good $’s in next to no time. All training and equipment provided. Just ask our team for more info.



  • Pre-brush to loosen dirt & debris
  • Eyes and ears gently cleaned
  • Towel drying
  • Cologne
  • De shedding
  • Get pup-arazzi ready with our exclusive shampoos
  • Jet Dried
  • Aussie doggy treat after every wash

Full Grooming available to ensure your dog’s coat is fashionably on point.

Dash DogWash

Why Join the Team ?

Business Ownership give you freedom and choice;

Choose your own suburb, hours and customers;

Dash DogWash is part of the Australia’s No 1 choice in mobile dog grooming;

Dash has decades of experience in this business;

Comprehensive Training and On Going Support;

The Big Yellow Kennel advertises your business as you work;

Established business brand makes access to Finance easier.