How Dash DogWash Provides Support to Our Franchisees

If you’re thinking of becoming a dog groomer, support is vital to a successful business and for your mental health. Family and friends can be supportive, but what about the business side of things? This is where a franchise, like Dash DogWash, will help! 

Keep reading to find out the ways we provide support to our team of franchisees. 

Continual Tools & Training for your success

Dash DogWash’s number one priority is the success of our franchisees. We provide the gold standard in all training and support. Our extensive training program provides you with all the tools you need to build and maintain a successful business including:

  • Marketing and business management training; 
  • Comprehensive grooming and wash training; 
  • Customer service training;
  • Diary management with our businesses management tools. 

We provide you with the tools to build your business as well as manage it day to day, including on the go diary management software, an easy to use invoicing and accounts system, tips on how to control your business expenses and more. We don’t send you out ‘in the real world’ to groom until we believe you are fully prepared and ready to take on everything that a mobile dog grooming business can throw at you. 

State and National Support Team

The Dash DogWash Support team is an expert team, each with their own individual expertise. We have a dedicated National support team who have years of experience under their belts as mobile dog groomers. The National Support for Dash includes our talented grooming, marketing, social media, business, accounts and ordering team. If you have questions on how to use a piece of equipment, software, or how to handle a specific breed or, how to best run your social media, anything you need, our support team is always there to help you.

Joining a Family

When you join Dash DogWash, you become part of the Dash DogWash and Blue Wheelers family, joining over 180 groomers nationally. Our groomers are a genuine network and we encourage you to reach out to as many of them as you wish to help you get the real picture on what it’s like to be a Mobile Dog Groomer with Dash DogWasher or Blue Wheelers. All of our groomers work together to exchange tips, news and become friends on our franchisee forum and through calls and text. If you encounter an issue with your trailer or are unsure of how to clip a certain breed, you can not only rely on the Dash DogWash support team but also your neighbouring groomers. We are really proud of our internal private Forum which is always welcoming to newcomers.

State Meetings and Newsletters

In addition to your connection to other groomers and our forum, we have yearly state meetings and send seasonal newsletters. These newsletters are chock full of information and tips relevant to the upcoming season. Our state meetings were usually held each year, in person. This year due to COVID we had it over Zoom. It’s great to see everyone’s faces, learn and grow together. 2020’s meeting included a motivational speaker and extra grooming training to refresh our franchisee’s skills.

Support in Times of Crisis (COVID)

During COVID-19’s peak in Australia, many businesses, unfortunately, had to close or suffer losses under strict restrictions. Our groomers were able to work throughout Stage 3 COVID-19 restrictions. During Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne, however, the Blue Wheelers Support Team worked tirelessly to get our franchisees back on the road including:

  • contacting Business Victoria, 
  • Lobbying local, state and federal government representatives, 
  • posting on social media 
  • emailing updates to customers 
  • Hosting regular COVID-19 video meetings to check in with our franchisee team and keep them in the loop. 

With Dash DogWash, you get all the benefits of working independently, like working your own hours and being your own boss, with the added benefits of an extensive support network that is dedicated to your success as a dog groomer. You can learn more about joining a franchise or becoming an independent groomer by clicking the link. 

If you’re ready to take the next step and learn more about becoming a Dash DogWasher, follow this link and fill out the form to get your free info pack

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