What are the Best Dog Breeds for Young Families?

Dogs can be a great new member to any loving young family. Dogs will give your child a friend for life and help teach them responsibility and how to interact responsibly around animals. Firstly, please note that any dog and breed can become an amazing member of the family or be a not so perfect fit depending on your expectations, their personality and training. Some dogs are better as playmates for lively older kids while others are gentle and patient, perfect for little children to grow up with. Temperaments and personality vary with each individual dog, which is what makes them so special.  However, some breeds can usually fit into a young family life better than others. In general breeds that are usually great with kids and busy family environments include Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Poodles and Oodle mixes (moodles, groodles, etc), Bulldogs, King Cavalier Spaniels, Bichon Frise, Beagles and Pugs.

If you are adopting, make sure your whole family (including any other dogs) meets your potential new furry family member. Most shelters will check the dog’s temperament to see if they are ok with small children, cats, other dogs, older children, strangers, etc and will let you know how they behave with each group. You can also see if it’s possible to ‘foster and adopt’ so you can have a few weeks of time with the dog living with you to really see if they are perfect for your family and lifestyle. If you have young children, consider adopting an older dog (7+ years) as they will usually be calmer and have the patience that younger pups don’t have. 

Choosing a dog breed will depend on your family’s activity levels, living arrangements, budget and schedule. Here are some great possible breeds below:


Labradors are one of the world’s most popular dog breeds for a reason. Labs love everyone, from kids to adults to other pets. Labs are very sweet, pretty smart and easy to train. Although they can have high energy levels and need some serious exercise every day. They will also benefit from a larger backyard if you have one.

Golden Retrievers 

Golden Retrievers are also a very popular breed with families. Just like Labs, they usually love everyone, are smart and have lots of energy. Golden Retrievers are joyful and can be a bit more silly and goofy than Labs.  Be mindful that Goldies do shed quite a lot.


Bulldogs are perfect for families who enjoy more of a laidback lifestyle. Of course, they need regular walks, but they love to have a lazy snooze on the couch while you all watch TV together. Bulldogs are perfect for babies and very young children, they’ll have a loving, gentle and loyal friend to grow up with.


Pugs are another great laidback dog choice. They love eating and sleeping and only need their daily walk and quick play sessions. Make sure you don’t overfeed them as they are prone to gaining weight. If you live in a warmer climate, watch them closely while they exercise or play so they don’t overexert themselves and that they always have fresh water. 


Beagles are another friendly and loveable companion dog. Beagles love hanging out with the whole family. They are also prone to gaining weight so keep their snacks in check.

There are so many amazing dog breeds out there. Make sure you do your research to find the perfect dog for you, your family and your lifestyle. Dogs become an integral part of the family and can be a loving friend to you and your children if you let them!

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