Dog Grooming: How to Start Your Career on A Budget

Opening and running your own dog grooming business can be a very rewarding career choice for dog lovers, but it also needs dedication and an initial startup budget. You don’t want to skimp on quality just to save a few bucks on the highest cost items that come with starting a dog grooming business (namely grooming training and your salon, be it mobile, in house or a salon). See our top tips below on starting your dream job with dogs while sticking to a budget.

Do Your Research and Create a Plan 

Every new business needs a business and marketing plan. Make sure your goals and intentions are written down, achievable and clear. Prepare yourself by researching all of your available opportunities and the pros and cons of being in the dog grooming industry. It is highly advisable to talk to experts such as accountants and lawyers before committing to any major steps. In addition to this, you can do exercises like a ‘SWOT Analysis’ to help you make your ideas into reality. If you are joining a franchise please seek out experts in this field such as franchising accountants and lawyers who understand this industry sector.

You should also plan your budget for startup costs, ongoing costs and emergencies/unforeseen costs. Then you can bring in a plan of how much revenue you intend to aim for and how you can use that to stick to a budget. Work out how many dogs you can feasibly wash, clip or groom in a day and what you’re going to charge. This will give you a realistic idea of your earning potential. Becoming your own boss means that your earning potential is dependent on the time and effort you put in. Instead of getting paid by the hour, you get to reap all the benefits of your hard work! Mobile dog groomers can expect to earn over $1,000 a week, with many earning much more.

Get Mobile

A mobile dog grooming service is far cheaper to operate than a stand alone salon. You don’t need to pay for rent, electricity and much more. Many salons don’t survive with all the overhead costs from just one groomer, so you would need to hire at least one other groomer, splitting your income. That’s not even taking into account the need for a receptionist or the costs that come with outfitting and decorating your salon. With a mobile dog grooming trailer, you can just hitch it to your car and you’re good to go. Most mobile salons connect to the customer’s electricity and water so that is another cost saving factor. Mobile salons typically thrive with one groomer. You get to be the boss, the groomer, the receptionist and keep all of the profits! You do have to factor in driving time to book your appointments across the day which is one factor of mobile grooming that requires a strategic plan. However, you will find that clients love the convenience of coming to their house and good diary management can set you up for success and minimal driving. 

Join a Franchise

Becoming a mobile groomer can incur many initial startup costs that quickly build up, from acquiring a trailer, branding, building a website, finding the best grooming tools, your professional grooming training and much more. When joining a franchise, this is already all done for you. For one low startup cost, you get a ‘turnkey business’, ready to start making income! Dash DogWash has opportunities from only $8,000 and access to personalised lease to own packages.  Dash DogWash has franchise opportunities nationwide and a network of over 180 groomers that are here to support you. 

When you join Dash DogWash you get:

🐾 All training – Grooming, dog knowledge and business essentials⁠

🐾 On going support – join our fully qualified Groomers

🐾 Your own Big Yellow Kennel trailer⁠

🐾 Easier access to finance

🐾 Your own website page and recognisable branding

🐾 Be Your Own Boss⁠

Combine your passion for dogs with a profitable career by becoming a Dash DogWash Groomer. Click the link to get your free info pack and book in an experience day to learn more about becoming a mobile dog groomer.

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