Dog Wash & Groom

Dash DogWash looks after all breeds, all sizes. No dog is ever going to be too small or too big for our qualified friendly Dash DogWashers to handle.

Our professional washing and grooming service will leave your precious pooch squeaky clean, feeling loved and smelling great. We are famous for our cologne that can last up to two weeks. All that we require is access to water and electricity.

You can trust our Dash DogWashers to give your dog a hygienic, fresh warm wash with your choice of shampoo and a good scrub that will help to shine their coat. If you have a Grooming request, please ask your Dash DogWasher.  They will let you know if they can help or put you in touch with local Blue Wheeler Groomer to assist.

Talking of trust, please know that all our operators are fully trained, certified and insured.

We fully sanitise between every single wash to ensure that our facilities are spotlessly clean when your dog comes into the Yellow kennel. No fleas on us!

Dash DogWashers offers dog washing and grooming services, however, not all Dash DogWashers train to groom; it’s their personal choice.  If they can’t assist with a Groom they will likely put you in touch with their fellow Blue Wheeler Groomer to assist- 1300 659 055

Franchises Available

  • Franchisor knowledge and experience
  • Comprehensive training and on going support
  • Easier access to finance
  • Sharing of marketing materials and ideas
  • Ongoing research & development.
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