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Find your local Blue Wheeler and leave us some feedback, good or bad! We love to polish our Groomers’ halos and, of course, we will deal promptly with any customer issues.

Paula is awesome! She always takes great care of Eddie and even lets him sit next to the heater to dry because he is scared of the hair dryer. Eddie loves bath day and so do we! We highly recommend Paula to anyone who wants a convenient, excellent dog wash service!

— Jillien Crowell. , (Dash Dog Wash, Wallsend, NSW)

Sharla is amazing! It was Zeus’ first professional wash & she was so calm & relaxed & took great care of him. Zeus did well (which I was concerned might freak out & is so happy and relaxed now. Still sporting his yellow scarf. Sharla also was kind enough to entertain one of my curious sons answering all his questions & showing him how everything worked. Thankyou, Sharla for your wonderful service.

— Tracy Palinko. , (Dash Dog Wash, Mount Pritchard, NSW)

Dennis was a very cheery and polite person. My dog has problems with strangers, particularly males but went with Dennis without a concern. She appeared to enjoy her bath as you can tell by her smile .

— Kathrine. , (Dash Dog Wash Hadfield, Vic)

Jodi always treats the dogs like they are her own. Mabel and jasmine are never scared to go and they come home looking beautiful and happy.

— Natalie. , (Dash Dog Wash Lyons, NT)


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