What’s it like to be a Dash DogWasher?

Be your own boss

Do you love dogs? Want to work with dogs on your own terms? You can be your own boss and earn up to *$2,000 per week with Dash DogWash. Our brand, alongside Blue Wheelers, Wash, Clip and Groom is renowned and trusted in the mobile dog washing and grooming industry. We provide you with in depth training at the Dash DogWash Training Schools located in VIC, NSW, WA & QLD to certify you as a Groomer.

*Our Groomers generally earn between $1,000 - $2,500 per week.
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Why become a Dash DogWasher?

There is estimated to be more than 24 million pets in Australia. Dogs are by far the most common pet, with 38% of households owning at least one dog. With 4.8 million pet dogs in Australia, that’s 20 dogs for every 100 people, the dog grooming industry is a growth industry. A true recession proof industry that has fortunately not been affected by the recent COVID-19 shut downs. If you dream to be your own boss, want financial freedom, a balanced lifestyle and have a genuine love for dogs, then Dash DogWash is the business for you!


Investment, Setup & Training

Dash DogWash is a low start up turn key business. If you have $8,000 as your deposit, you can access a variety of financing options to get you on the road in a brand new yellow kennel trailer. Our Dash DogWash Training school provides you with highly detailed, industry standard training. Not only will you master the skill of dog grooming and washing, but just as important, we teach you how to run a business. Running a business can have opportunities and challenges and joining Dash DogWash will give a first time business owner the best possible chance of success. Our successful Dash groomers are a credit to our Team’s training and teaching abilities.


Our Franchisees

Dash DogWash Franchisees are a small team located across Australia. They have come from a variety of professions and lifestyles, but are unified by their passion for dogs and entrepreneurial spirit. They are part of an up and coming brand that have access to all the successful training and tools of our Blue Wheelers, Wash, Clip and Groom. Our Dash team wear their Dash uniform proudly, love their bright yellow kennels, their lovably Dash character and the support of their Blue Wheeler fellow franchisees.


Join Our Team

Five Reasons to join Dash DogWash!

1. Join the growing pack in dog washing and clipping business

Dash DogWash is a member of the Franchisee Council of Australia. Not all franchise systems are equal. We encourage you to do your homework; speak to lots of Groomers across our two brands and seek professional business council.

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2. Take advantage of the stability and growth of the pet industry

Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world (38% of households) with over 4.2 million dogs owned. The pet industry in Australia is ever expanding and worth $6 billion dollars! Our Dash DogWash Groomers can earn upwards of $1000 a week, with many groomers being able to reach over $2,000 a week. Dash DogWash groomers also supply branded Treats and flea treatments to further boost the earning potential of your business.

A Dash DogWash franchise offers you:

  • The ability to choose your working hours;
  • The reliability of working with a nationally established brand
  • The flexibility of owning your own business
  • Comprehensive grooming and business administration training
  • Industry standard equipment and products
  • Small startup costs and overheads
  • Industry leading customer enquiry handling
  • Extensive marketing programs
  • User friendly business software

3. Drive our bright yellow kennel

Our standout mobile salons are a powerful marketing tool that advertises your business wherever you go. As you drive to your appointments, neighbours and potential customers will remember Dash when they see it. Much research and development has gone into our ergonomic design that not only looks amazing but acts as the perfect, year round grooming & washing environment for you. Our Groomers love to say ‘welcome to my office’ when they show customers inside.

4. Our helpful payment options will get you started quickly

Becoming a business operator and groomer with Dash DogWash is less complicated than you may think. We equip you with everything you need for less than the cost of a typical new mid-range car. Speak to us about financing options to get you on the ground and grooming within 8 – 12 weeks.

5. Receive high quality training and support

Dash DogWash’s number one priority is the success of our franchisees. We providing gold standard in training and support. Our training program provides you with all the tools you need to create a successful business including marketing, Customer Relations Management tools and business administration skills.

Learn more about Dash DogWash’s expert training, guidance and support here.

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