Franchise Overview Benefits

What are the benefits of a franchise business?

Why do people turn to franchising as a business opportunity?

It's simple. Franchising offers a new business owner all the assistance they need to get up and running in their own small business. You may be part of a Franchise system but the bucks stop with you and you don't have a boss looking over your shoulder all day. It's a far safer way to start up and maintain your own business. The best of both worlds; freedom and support!

Franchising is the practice of using someone's established business model and replicating it so that customers can trust and rely on a well-known brand.

The franchisor's success depends on the success of the franchisees. When you own your own business you have a greater reason to be successful; and deliver excellence when compared to an employee because you have a direct stake in the business.

In Australia we have a very well developed and regulated franchise economy with more than 1,300 franchise systems all covered under the rules laid down by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission. In almost all cases when you pick a well-established and trusted group you will be in good hands.

Franchising with Dash DogWash

MY Dash DogWash Business

Dash DogWash is the best opportunity you have to be truly independent at an affordable price. With a Dash DogWash business - it's your business. The buck stops with you but we've got your back. We're there every step of the way.

Dog washing and grooming is nationally growing in demand. Dash DogWash recognises this demand and is a territory based business allowing you the opportunity to build your business near your home.

Professional Equipment

Dash DogWash's commitment to quality is not limited to service, but also to the selection and quality of equipment and trailer design. Your bright yellow Mobile Kennel is not only built for the job but also built to market your services while you drive. It'll have people's tongues a wagging when they see your Kennel pass them by.

National Advertising

One of the greatest benefits for a franchise owner is that they can get a level of advertising, marketing and promotion generally not available or affordable to a single independent owner operator. Our advertising reach is significant and clearly shows that we are the market leaders in this industry with our Parent brand Blue Wheelers, formerly HydroDog.

Quality Training

Your training is vital to your success. Other than the 'hands on' dog washing and grooming training, you also receive training on equipment use, maintenance and care, product use, types of treatments required, customer quoting and service, marketing and training on how to run a business. You don't start on the road until we are comfortable that you can handle all aspects of the business! We also don't forget you once you start and there are on going training sessions available to you as you progress in your business.

The Market proposition

  • The Pet industry is a $6 BILLION marketplace and rapidly growing
  • Employing more than 47,000 people
  • With 7 Million HOMES in Australia
  • And more than 3.4 million DOGS in Australia
  • That's why we are always on the look out for new dog lovers to join the successful Dash DogWash team.

Total Package includes

  • Being your own boss and reap the rewards for your effort
  • Enjoy a great lifestyle and get paid to have fun working with your 'four legged best friends'
  • Initial Franchise fee - once only
  • Equipment includes: Unique Bright Yellow Kennel Mobile Salon, HydroBath, Grooming equipment (if you choose this option) blow dryer fixtures and sign writing.
  • Administration package
  • Access to a group insurance policy
  • Uniforms
  • 8 weeks fee-free period where applicable
  • Full training in all aspects of the business
  • The best of both worlds – freedom with support!

Call 1300 327 436 to arrange an interview that could change your future.

Alternatively, if you would like to receive information please fill in the franchise enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon.

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