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Training, start up and on going

We train you to wash and groom dogs. Of course we do!! There's quite a bit more to it than just water and suds! With Dash DogWash you have the unique opportunity to choose your business:

Learn to Wash only, you won’t ‘just wash the dog’, you will give it a spa like experience like no other Dog Washer can do!  OR

Learn to Wash and Groom your dog as a professional dog groomer. 

Either way, you learn all the tools of the trade so that you excel in the business of your choosing!

Just as important, Dash DogWash will train you to run a professional business as opposed to a dog washing/grooming service. What's the difference? I hear you ask. The secret is all in the training. We do this very well, we teach you to do it even better!


Marketing is all about getting your name out there and being 'seen'. Your bright yellow Mobile Dog Kennel is certainly not shy in coming forward. You simply can't miss it and when you do see it, you'll find yourself smiling and so will your customers!

Throughout your training the subject of marketing comes up a lot. We will give you all the materials and tools you need to get out there to carry out your local area marketing.

When you decide to join Australia's hottest new team with Dash DogWash, you will start to see Dogs everywhere as you drive. You won't stop seeing people walking their dogs and when you do you'll be thinking 'there's another potential client'! As you see them, they will see you. It's a win - win when 1+1 makes 3. You, the client and the four- legged family member.

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