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Franchise Opportunities

Dash DogWash is building brand awareness for a solid rub and scrub dog wash. As the Brand grows, so does demand for its services, including Dog Grooming.  Our Parent brand, Blue Wheelers is now passing on all its knowledge and expertise to some of our Dash DogWashers who are choosing to Groom as well as wash Aussie pooches allowing for even more customer satisfaction.  

Our Parent brand, Blue Wheelers, took less than a decade to become Australia's No 1 choice in Mobile Dog Washing and Grooming. We are equally intent on seeing Dash DogWash come sniffing up behind Blue Wheelers very quickly!

Franchisor Knowledge

Top Dog, Franchisor, Martin Rose has been franchising for too many years to count – at least 23 years in the Franchise industry. He knows his stuff and is often called upon to mentor and assist other franchising companies as they start up and build.

Our Parent brand Blue Wheelers, has been featured in the Fast Franchise list in BRW (Business Review Weekly) for many years. Consistently it appears on this highly competitive list and we are very proud of this achievement. In fact, it is one of a handful of companies to stay on this list for so many years. All our past knowledge is being poured into this new business and we are happy to share our 'know how' with you – all the way.

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