Is Franchising For You?

Is Franchising For You?

Franchising Overview

Dash DogWash is building brand awareness as a solid rub and scrub dog wash. We also offer clipping and grooming. As the Brand grows, so does demand for our services, allowing for even more customer satisfaction…and more customers!

Our Parent brand, Blue Wheelers, took less than a decade to become Australia’s No. 1 choice in Mobile Dog Washing and Grooming and we’re determined to see Dash DogWash follow on in Blue Wheelers’ sparkling success. We are looking for people who have a deep love for dogs and the drive and passion to run your own business…you know who you are!


Top Dog, Franchisor, Martin Rose has been franchising for too many years to count. With nearly 30 years in the industry, he knows his stuff. Martin is often called upon to mentor and assist other franchising companies as they start up and build their businesses to the pinnacle of success.
All this knowledge is being poured into this growing business and we are happy to share our ‘know how’ with you – all the way.
Our management team has over 70 years of experience in franchising, small business and the pet-care industry. Armed with our resources and your passion for dogs, you can’t go wrong! Joining Dash DogWash means joining a winning pack!


Why do people turn to franchising as a business opportunity?

It’s simple. Franchising offers a new business owner all the assistance they need to get up and running in their own small business. You may be part of a Franchise system but the bucks stop with you and you don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder all day. It’s a far safer way to start up and maintain your own business. The best of both worlds; freedom and support!

Franchising is the practice of using someone’s established business model and replicating it so that customers can trust and rely on a well-known brand.

Any brand’s success depends on the success of its franchisees. When you are a business owner, the power to achieve success is all of your own making. Delivering excellence becomes second-nature because you have a direct stake in the business.

Here in Australia we have a very well-developed and regulated franchise economy with more than 1,300 franchise systems all covered under the rules and regulations laid down by the Franchise Code. In almost all cases, when you choose a well-established and trusted group, you will be in good hands.


My Dash DogWash Business
Dash DogWash is a fabulous opportunity to be truly independent but at a very affordable price. With a Dash DogWash business, it’s truly your business. The buck stops with you but don’t worry….we’ve got your back. We’re there with you every step of the way.

Dog washing and dog grooming services are in growing demand across Australia and Dash DogWash has recognised this growth. It’s a territory-based business opportunity which allows you the chance to build an efficient, successful and profitable business close to your home.


Dash DogWash’s commitment to quality isn’t limited to service but also to the selection and quality of our equipment and trailer design. Your sunshine yellow Mobile Kennel is built for the job. The perfect advertisement for your business, it’s like a mobile marketing banner. People notice our Mobile Kennels and it’s that attention which gets us more clients!


As a franchise owner, you’re in the unique position of being part and parcel of an established and growing brand. This means you’ll benefit from national strategic advertising, marketing and general promotion. This quality and quantity of marketing isn’t usually accessible for new business owners, but our reach is significant and you will benefit from that reach.

Quality Training

Your training is vital to your success. That’s part of the key to our continuing success so you can rest-assured that we’re invested in you. Dash DogWash has grooming Training Schools located in VIC, NSW, WA & QLD!

Aside from the hands-on dog washing and grooming training, you will also receive training in the following areas:
• Equipment use and maintenance
• Dog First Aid
• Product use
• Customer quoting and service
• Marketing
• How to run a business
You won’t be left to your own devices until you’re comfortable and confident that you can handle all aspects of your new business.
We also offer ongoing training sessions so that you can keep your services fresh and up to date.


• The pet industry is a $6 BILLION+ marketplace and growth is rapid
• Employs more than 47,000 people
• 7 million homes in Australia own dogs
• More than 3.4 million dogs in Australia
The sheer potential is HUGE and that’s why we need more Dash DogWashers across the country.


• Being your own boss
• Enjoying a great lifestyle and working with all dog breeds
• Initial franchise fee is a ONCE ONLY cost
• Equipment includes – unique sunshine yellow Kennel Mobile Salon, HydroBath, grooming equipment (optional), blow dryer fixtures and sign writing
• Best in industry business management software
• Access to a group insurance policy
• Uniforms
• 8 weeks fee-free period where applicable
• Full training in all aspects of the business, including dog first aid.
• The best of both worlds – freedom and support
If you’d like more information, please fill in our franchise enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch.


Dreaming of getting out from under your boss and building your own empire? Franchising is a great start for the life of a business owner. Our company prides itself in doing franchising right and we follow the regulations set down by the Franchising Code of Australia. Speak to our team members to get the lowdown directly from them.

  • Franchisor knowledge and experience
  • Comprehensive training and on going support
  • Easier access to finance
  • Sharing of marketing materials and ideas
  • Ongoing research & development.