Meet our Groomers

Meet our Groomers

Our team is at the very heart of our business. Without our amazing Groomers there would be no Dash DogWash. We take such pride in their ongoing success and support their individual journey every step of the way.



Jodi’s story:

The Grooming aspect has certainly improved the financial side of my business and I love the variation it offers. Working flexible hours is a real plus and I get support on the business when needed. I can’t believe how much the dogs make me laugh so I’m definitely a happy Dash DogWasher Groomer. I make a good living, but life in the NT, especially during the wet season, can be a bit of a challenge!



Dennis’s story:

I’m no spring chicken but Dash DogWash has helped me keep my life going. After retiring from being a truckie, washing dogs was a job I could do to earn some decent dollars. It’s kept me active and in good physical shape. I’ve got really nice customers I enjoy talking to and the dogs love me so it’s a win for me.”



Paula’s story:

I get up every morning knowing I’m heading off to do work that I really enjoy. I don’t think a lot of people can say that these days but it’s true for me. I just love being with dogs and interacting with them on a daily basis. I’ve learned so much from my furry customers from how to read their body language and helping my customers lookout for other various health issues. I don’t do clipping. I chose to run a ‘wash only’service and I have more than enough business without the clipping. I offer a full service wash which takes some training. I’m earning on average $1400 per week – pretty good for just washing the dog. I thrive on being my own boss and whilst there are some elements that are challenging, overall, I am a very happy Dash DogWasher.


West Bathurst

Sharla’s story:

Joining Dash DogWash has been a fantastic adventure. From the training to getting right into grooming, Dash DogWash has the most supportive and amazing team behind you. Dash DogWash has given me the chance of doing what I love – being around dogs and having my own business with which offers me flexibility and knowing I’m working to line my own pocket.


Dreaming of getting out from under your boss and building your own empire? Franchising is a great start for the life of a business owner. Our company prides itself in doing franchising right and we follow the regulations set down by the Franchising Code of Australia. Speak to our team members to get the lowdown directly from them.

  • Franchisor knowledge and experience
  • Comprehensive training and on going support
  • Easier access to finance
  • Sharing of marketing materials and ideas
  • Ongoing research & development.