Tips for Your Puppy’s First Groom

Getting a new furry family member is an exciting time for every dog owner. But just like a baby, there are so many things you need to prepare them for; their health, making friends, toilet training and getting their first groom! 

Keep reading to find out our top 5 tips as mobile dog groomers to make your puppy’s first wash, clip or groom a success.

Most importantly, puppies need to have all their vaccinations completed before going to a mobile dog groomer or salon. This means that most puppies can get groomed after they are 16 weeks old. Dash DogWash Groomers can see dozens of dogs every day and although we fully sanitise our trailers in between each client, there is still a risk of infection for sensitive little pups.

Familiarise your pup with the grooming process before their first session. Touch areas that they may not be used to being touched or cleaned like their ears, eyes and the bottom of their paws and paw pads. Make it a fun experience for them with treats or while playing. It’s also great to get them used to brushing, water, being wet and tools that make loud noises like a hair dryer, at home before their first groom. 

Get them well socialised to people, dogs and to being handled. Taking them to puppy school and meeting all your friends and family should do the trick.

Get personalised advice from your groomer. Most groomers will not do a full grooming session for your puppy’s first groom. They may come one day to do a wash and clip them on another day. A grooming session can be overwhelming and we don’t want to scare your puppy. We may have to cut their wash or groom short or make accommodations for them such as towel drying only in their first session.

As a groomer, we’ll give them lots of love, patience and treats during their first wash or groom to help make it an enjoyable experience. Many dogs get the ‘zoomies’ after their first groom because they feel so light and free!

If your pup’s first few sessions are done right, your dog can grow to love grooms and their groomer. This will help them continue to be happy, healthy and never stress about getting their new haircut. You can enquire about booking in your puppy’s first groom by calling 1300 327 436.

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