Dash Dog Wash, Maroubra, NSW

Hi, I’m Maya and my Big Yellow Kennel’s name is Buzz. I’m your Dash DogWash Mobile Dog Groomer for Maroubra (2035) in NSW.

My number one tip for dog owners is to spend time with your dog, exercise together, have little and big adventures and you will both feel better for it. A well-groomed, clean, exercised dog is a healthy and happy dog. The great thing about dogs is that they always want to be with us and what’s better than spending time with your best friend?

If you live in Maroubra I would love to meet you and your four legged friend. Fill out the booking form and we can have a chat about keeping your dog looking and feeling their best.

The best part about joining Dash Dog Wash is that I don’t have to spend another day behind a desk. I love dogs and the outdoors so, this doesn’t feel like work at all. I have never met a dog I didn’t like and I find all dogs adorable and interesting.

I am a counsellor but I have always wanted to work with animals, dogs in particular. I find that dogs have a natural ability to make people feel relaxed and happy regardless of the circumstances. Their presence is therapeutic and it’s impossible not to smile when looking at a clean, happy dog.

I grew up with German Shepherds and owned a Beagle, a Kelpie and a Dash Hound. I love all dogs but have a soft spot for the working breeds because of their intelligence, tenacity and common sense. I named my Big Yellow Kennel after my best friend – a Blue Heeler called Buzz. Buzz is everything a cattle dog should be…super loyal, smart, alert, full of energy and the best company I could ask for.

I have a genuine interest in everything to do with dogs and I love listening to people’s stories about their four legged friends. Being a dog groomer gives me the opportunity to look after dogs and it is lovely to see how much dog owners love their dogs.


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