Dash Dog Wash Lyons, NT

I get up bright and early each day knowing I have a full day ahead of wonderful grooming so it makes those early wake-up calls so much easier. I love that I learned to groom and particularly love grooming timid or scared dogs as I love the challenge of building their trust. I can’t believe how much the dogs make me laugh, so I’m definitely a happy Dash Dog Washer & Groomer. If you live in Lyons (0810) and surrounding suburbs please fill out the enquiry form to make a booking with me.


Dreaming of getting out from under your boss and building your own empire? Franchising is a great start for the life of a business owner. Our company prides itself in doing franchising right and we follow the regulations set down by the Franchising Code of Australia. Speak to our team members to get the lowdown directly from them.

  • Franchisor knowledge and experience
  • Comprehensive training and on going support
  • Easier access to finance
  • Sharing of marketing materials and ideas
  • Ongoing research & development.