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Dash DogWash Australia Pty Ltd operates this Site to provide you with online access to information about the organisation and our services and franchising opportunities. By using this Site, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions found within this page ("Terms of Use"). These Terms of Use are referred to as this "Agreement".

Dash DogWash Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to make amendments to this Agreement at any time, without needing to give you a prior notice. Your use of the Site following any such modification constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the Agreement as modified.

1. Use of Site: The information, writing, images and/or other works that you see, hear or otherwise experience may be used for any personal, non-commercial purpose to understand Dash DogWash's services and business model. However, using the content for non-commercial, personal purposes doesn’t transfer any right, title or interest to you. The information and content on the Site is solely the intellectual property of Dash DogWash. Unless indicated otherwise, you may not use, edit, duplicate, distribute, transfer or derive any work from any Content obtained from the Site.

2. Copyright: The Site and its content is protected by the Australian copyright laws, and is the property of Dash DogWash, its partners, contributors, affiliates or third parties. The copyrights for the content on this Site is owned by Dash DogWash or other copyright owners who have given their consent in publishing the information on the Site. You may download and/or reprint the content for personal, non-commercial, non-public use only. (Should you be browsing this Site as an employee or member of any business or organisation, you may use the content on this Site for educational or non-commercial purposes within your business or organisation. Do not manipulate or alter any images or content provided to you on the Site.

3. Trademarks: You are forbidden from using any of the logos or marks that appear throughout the Site, without getting prior written permission from Dash DogWash.

4. Links to Third-Party Web Sites: Links to any third party web site such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are solely provided as a convenience to you. Such links do not imply an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship by Dash DogWash of the third party, their website or any information associated to them. In addition, Dash DogWash is not responsible for the content and functionality of the third party websites. By clicking on a third party link, you will leave the Site and will be subjected to the privacy policy and terms of use in those websites.

5. Linking to this Site: If you are wanting to link to the Site, you must abide to Dash DogWash's link guidelines. Unless specifically authorised by Dash DogWash, you may not connect "deep links" to the Site. By "deep links" we mean, creating links to this site that bypass the home page or other pages of the Site. You are not permitted to create identical pages or frames of this Site on an external website or web page.

6. Downloading Files: There is no guarantee or warrant that files available for downloading through the Site are virus-free or computer friendly.

7. Disclaimer of Warranties: Dash DogWash makes no express or implied warranties with regards to the Site, the Content and the Service. There is no guarantee that the functions performed by the Site will be uninterrupted, secure, timely or error-free. We aim to deliver our best, however there is no assurance that any defects on this Site will be corrected. Information and Content on this Site is provided on an "as is" and "as available basis". Dash DogWash does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the content provided on the Site.

8. Limitation of Liability: Under no circumstances is Dash DogWash liable for any damage caused, that includes but does not limit to (1) The use of or inability to use the Site, (2) Any claim caused by Errors, inaccuracies or omissions through or provided by the Site, (3) Any other relevant matter i.e. related to the Service, the Content or the Site. If you are not satisfied with the Site, your only remedy is to discontinue the usage of the Site.

9. Indemnification: You acknowledge and accept that you are personally liable for your behaviour on the Site. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless to Dash DogWash, it franchises, affiliated companies, employees and any third party information providers.

10. Privacy: Click the link to view Dash DogWash’s Privacy Policy (link).

11. User Conduct: You must use the Site only for lawful purposes. You consent not to take any action that may affect the security of the Site, hinder the accessibility of the Site to others or by any means, cause damage to the Site or Content. You may not build, remove or otherwise modify the content on the Site or make an attempt to abstract content that is not intended for your use. You may not use the Site by any means that might interfere with the rights of other third party users.On the other hand, Dash DogWash welcomes feedback regarding Dash DogWash’s existing business that will improve our customer and franchisee needs. Feedback may be provided by the channels listed under the contact areas on the Site.

12. Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy: Dash DogWash does not accept or consider unsolicited ideas for new advertising campaigns, public relation advises, marketing strategies, new or improved products and technologies. This policy is listed to avoid misunderstandings should Dash DogWash’s promotional activities bear coincidental resemblance with one or more of the unsolicited ideas suggested to us. Kindly do not send such ideas to Dash DogWash or any of its employees. If you choose to ignore our request and send us unsolicited ideas note that (1) your idea will become a property of Dash DogWash, (2) Dash DogWash is at no cost obliged to return your idea or respond to you in any way, (3) your idea may not be kept confidential; and (4) Dash DogWash may implement your idea or suggest your idea to others.

On the other hand, Dash DogWash welcomes feedback regarding Dash DogWash’s existing business that will improve our customer and franchisee needs. Feedback may be provided by the channels listed under the contact areas on the Site.

13. General Provisions

a. Entire Agreement/No Waiver. The Terms of Use page contains the entire agreement for all parties using the Site. There will be no waiver by Dash DogWash should you breach any of the terms mentioned and therefore shall be liable to any damage caused.

b. Correction of Errors and Inaccuracies. The content on the Site may contain typographical, grammatical or any other inaccuracies and may not be complete or up-to-date. Dash DogWash reserves the right to make amendments, alteration and update the Content at any time without needing to give prior notice. Please note that Dash DogWash does not guarantee that all errors and inaccuracies will be corrected.

c. Enforcement/ Choice of Law/ Choice of Forum. If any part of the agreement is considered by a court of competent jurisdiction to be inaccurate or invalid, it will not have an impact on any other provision in this Agreement. Any dispute relating to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy or your use of the Site are governed in accordance to the laws of Australia.

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