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Why Own a Franchise Business?

One of the most popular ways to go into business for yourself is owning your own franchise. If you’ve been thinking about changing career paths and starting your own business, you may have considered going independent or with a franchise. A franchise is when a franchisor offers you their product or service, and grants you the use of their brand to open your own business. With franchises, many owners are able to get financing and enjoy ongoing support from their franchisor. This means new business owners don’t have to worry about starting up any of those aspects themselves and can concentrate on what they’re best at, providing a great service! It’s also important for prospective franchisees to research their chosen brand as not all franchise brands are created equal.

Read this blog post to learn more about why owning a franchise business may be right for you or find out more about franchising with Dash DogWash!

Advantages of Buying a Franchise

To help you learn more about owning a franchise business and why it might be your best way to go, here are some thoughts for consideration. 

Starting your own business (like becoming a mobile dog groomer) will incur initial startup costs that can quickly build up! From creating your own branding, sourcing the best grooming products, professional grooming training at a recognised school, acquiring a trailer and much more. When joining a franchise, this is all done for you, usually with one bundled startup cost. If you’re looking to start your dog grooming career on a budget , Dash DogWash could be the perfect opportunity for you! With franchises starting from just $8,000 with financing options available.  It’s an opportunity for someone who’s passionate about dogs and committed to learning a new skill to become a dog grooming franchise owner and operator.

Buying into an established and popular Brand gives entrepreneurs safer opportunities than starting one from scratch. You will leverage off the great brand awareness that has been built for many years.   With Dash DogWash, the brand has developed its fun and bright image that is now widely recognized on the streets.  Click the link to research more about becoming a dog groomer.  Here’s some tips on whether you should go independent or with a franchise.

There’s also less risk when buying into an established franchise; if something goes wrong there’s someone there who knows what they’re doing and can help try to solve your issues. There’s also plenty of support from management, suppliers and other franchisees on different ways to grow your business. At Dash DogWash, we have a ‘Lifetime Training & Support Guarantee TM, meaning that we do not put you on the road until you’re ready.  We’re committed to upskilling training for all our franchisees no matter how many years they have been with us. The dog grooming industry is always evolving.  To keep our team up to date, we hold Annual State Meetings, grooming training opportunities and you can always talk to our other 190 plus groomers on our dedicated forum. You can learn more about our commitment to support here.

Not only will you receive expert advice, ongoing training and support in running your business but most importantly you’ll know that somebody has already gone through whatever mistakes you’ve made before. If you’re looking at buying a franchise business, SEEK Business is a great place to start your research. Franchise businesses from varied industries in Australia are listed on SEEK Business, including established franchises businesses for sale where you can start earning an income straight away!

Dog Grooming Franchise Opportunities

Turn your passion into real profit! Dash DogWash provides dog grooming franchises that enable people to be their own boss and earn up to *$2,000 per week by washing dogs on the go. Our brand (along with Blue Wheelers) is renowned in the industry as Australia’s Number 1 choice in mobile dog grooming and we provide comprehensive training at Dash DogWash Training Schools located across Australia.  If you have what it takes to start your own business then make it happen now! Enquire today to get your info pack. If you’re just getting started researching the dog grooming franchise industry, you can find out more about what it’s like to be a dog groomer on our blog.

Find out more about Franchising with Dash DogWash!

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