Winter Dog Care Tips

Can you believe it’s already Winter 2020!? Time flies by when you’re quarantined. We may not get as cold as other countries down here in Australia, but it can still get pretty chilly! Keeping your pup warm and safe is very important in the cold month. Check out some of our top tips below.

Keep them warm & dry on walks

My favourite tool for walk time is the Australian Bureau of Meteorology app. They have a handy ‘rain radar’ so you can see when and where the rain will be coming. If I see a dry patch in my area for the next half an hour, I’ll quickly grab my leash and take my doggy out for a walk. Cute accessories like dog raincoats and puffer jackets are practical too to keep your dog warm. These are essential for breeds such as greyhounds and dachshunds, while your Samoyed or Husky may overheat if they have too much coverage on during exercise time. 

Keep them active indoors

If your pup doesn’t like going out in the cold or it’s raining or snowing all day, keep their bodies and minds active inside with lots of playtime and stimulation. 

Keep them clean and dry

If your pup does get wet or muddy, clean and dry them as soon as possible. Provide them with a warm & dry bedding area for them to snuggle up into after any cold time outside. 

Continue with washes & grooms

Your dog still needs to keep up with their regular washing and grooming schedule, even during winter. Your Dash Dog Washer uses fresh, warm water and completely dries your pup before being given back to you to keep them as warm and cosy as possible. If your dog also gets groomed, they still need to be clipped but your groomer will keep their coat a little bit longer to keep them warm over winter. As usual, breeds with double-coats like Huskies and Golden Retrievers should never be cut as their coats are made for regulating their temperature in both hot & cold environments. Book in your pups winter wash or groom by calling 1300 DASH DOG.

Make them visible

With the sun setting earlier each day, we may not get the time until after the sun sets to take our fur babies for a walk. Help keep them safe and visible to cars and other dog walkers by adding a LED light to their collar, especially if you let them off leash at a park. 

Make their bedding extra cosy

Make sure your dog’s bed is elevated off cold, hard surfaces and away from any drafts. Add some extra blankets so they can snuggle in them too. If your dog usually sleeps outside in a kennel, perhaps let them sleep inside if possible during winter. If they do prefer sleeping in their kennel, make sure any blankets and bedding they have are clean and dry. If your pup gets extra cold, you can get pet heating pads for their bed. 

Cuddle them lots!

Cuddle with your pup to keep both of you warm! Nothing is better in winter than cosying up on the couch with a tea, your pup and a blanket. 

Keep them away from heaters and fires

Your doggie may love curling up right in front of your heater but make sure they keep their distance from space heaters, fires and gas or oil heaters. You don’t want them to overheat or get burnt. Also keep their bedding a good distance away from heaters. If your pup is still really cold, add a specific pet heating mat to their bed to keep them toasty.

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