Need just a Wash or Full Groom? You choose!

Dash DogWash Service


Your dog enjoys an invigorating brush, loosening dirt and banishing all that stuff that likes to stick to their coats, such as leaves, grass, mud and dust. Ears and eyes are gently cleaned so they will look at you with more love and follow your commands (That’s our aim)

Ears & eyes cleaned
Dash DogWash Service


Time for a soak and a scrub with your choice of shampoo from our exclusive range of premium products. Dogs enjoy the one on one attention from our Groomers, not to mention the bubbles. Some of Groomers are known to sing to their clients.

Exclusive range of Natural Shampoos
Dash DogWash Service


Most of our Dash DogWashers are trained to professionally clip and groom your dog’s coat to the desired requirements. Unless your dog is a short-haired pooch, your dog should be groomed and clipped on a regular basis. Dash says: “you no brushy brushy so I clippy clippy”

Clipping Available
Dash DogWash Service


The ultimate jet-dry and a liberal splash of our exclusive P’aw de cologne will have your pup strutting like the top dog in your street! Then a tongue licking 100% Aussie Dash DogWash Treat to seal the deal. Try stopping at just one!

Doggy treat

Why Choose Us?

Our Groomers are trained to be the best in the business. These are no ‘dunk and run’ Groomers; They will get to know and love your dog as much as you do. Once you have had a Dash DogWasher at your place you’ll be booking them in on a regular basis.

We use only Premium natural ingredients in all our Products including Aloe Vera, Aloveen, Jojoba Oils, and Lanolin. These products have incredible cleansing and conditioning properties.

All our Groomers come to you with exceptional training and doggy grooming hours under their belts; all are fully insured and they use a hospital grade sanitiser between every customer to ensure cleanliness and safety for your dog.

Dash DogWash


Roll up those sleeves and join the team over at Dash DogWash – we will get you on the road earning good $’s in next to no time. All training and equipment provided. Just ask our team for more info.



  • Pre-brush to loosen dirt & debris
  • Eyes and ears gently cleaned
  • Towel drying
  • Cologne
  • De shedding
  • Get pup-arazzi ready with our exclusive shampoos
  • Jet Dried
  • Aussie doggy treat after every wash

Full Grooming available to ensure your dog’s coat is fashionably on point.

Dash DogWash

Why Join Our Team?

Business Ownership gives you freedom and choice;

Choose your own suburb, hours and customers;

Dash DogWash is part of the Australia’s No 1 choice in mobile dog grooming;

Dash has decades of experience in this business;

Comprehensive Training and On Going Support;

The Big Yellow Kennel advertises your business as you work;

Established business brand makes access to Finance easier.

What Our Fur Pawrents say about us - and never behind our backs!