Our Services

Dash DogWash cares for all breeds and all sizes. No dog is too large or small for our qualified and capable Dash DogWashers to handle. It’s easy to arrange a visit. All we need is access to water and electricity.

Your pup will receive the extra special care and attention that Dash DogWash provides. They’ll feel loved and they’ll smell amazing too We’re famous for our special cologne which has a scent that can last for up to two weeks. That’s up to two weeks of a clean, fresh-smelling and huggable dog for you to enjoy.

Our Dash DogWashers will treat your pooch to a hygienic, warm and comforting wash with your choice of shampoo and an invigorating scrub which will help to keep their coat in top condition.

All of our Dash DogWashers are fully-trained, certified and insured. We thoroughly sanitize all equipment between every single wash to ensure that everything is spotlessly clean when your dog is enjoying their wash. No fleas on us…or you!


Your special friend will enjoy an invigorating brush, loosening dirt and banishing all that stuff that likes to stick to dogs such as leaves, grass, mud and dust. Ears and eyes are gently cleaned.


Time for a soak and a scrub with your choice of shampoo from our exclusive range. Your four-legged friend will love our HydroBath. Dogs enjoy the one on one attention from our Groomers.


Some of our Dash DogWashers are trained to professionally clip your dog’s coat to the desired requirements. Unless your dog is a short-haired pooch, your dog should be groomed and clipped on a regular basis.


The ultimate jet-dry and a liberal splash of our amazing cologne will have your pup looking pawsitively pawfect! Then a tasty 100% Aussie doggy treat to complete the experience.