Dash DogWash


Dash DogWash cares for all breeds and all sizes. No dog is too large or too small for our qualified and capable Dash DogWashers and Groomers to handle. It’s easy to arrange a visit. We come to you. All we need is access to water and electricity.

Your pup gets one on one attention with lots of care – that’s the service that Dash DogWash provides. Your dog(s) will feel loved, look totally pawsome and smell fabulous. We’re famous for our special cologne which has a scent that can last for up to two weeks. That’s up to two weeks of a clean, fresh-smelling and huggable dog for you to enjoy.

Our Dash DogWashers will treat your pooch to a hygienic, warm and comforting wash with your choice of shampoo and an invigorating scrub which will help to keep their coat in top condition.

All of our Dash DogWashers are fully-trained, certified and insured. We thoroughly sanitize all equipment between every single wash to ensure that everything is spotlessly clean before your dog starts enjoying their wash. No fleas on us…or you!

Dash DogWash


Does your dog’s tail starts wagging the minute they see their Groomer arrive? We really hope so. If this doesn’t happen the first time, we assure you it will happen on their next visit. Dogs have great memories and you may wonder what it is they remember they love about Dash. Is it the Groomer or the Treats – maybe a both!

First things first, our groomer will check with you to see what service you like, what shampoo you prefer and what clip, if any, is required.

Your dog then enjoys an invigorating brush, loosening dirt and banishing all that stuff that likes to stick to their coats, such as leaves, grass, mud and dust. Ears and eyes are gently cleaned so they will look at you with more love and follow your commands (That’s our aim)

Scrub & Shampoo

Time for a soak and a scrub with your choice of shampoo from our exclusive range of premium products. Dogs enjoy the one on one attention from our Groomers, not to mention the bubbles. Some of Groomers are known to sing to their clients.

We use only Premium natural ingredients in all our Products including Aloe Vera, Alovene, Jojoba Oils, and Lanolin. These products have incredible cleansing and conditioning properties.

We also have a De Shedding 3 step process for a small added extra. As most dogs shed, even if a little, this is the perfect add on service. It’s especially populur for double-coated breeds like huskies; German Shepherds and Goldies. It means less drying time which is great for anxious dogs and means less floof around your home

Dash DogWash

Dash DogWash


Most of our Dash DogWashers are trained to professionally clip and groom your dog’s coat to the desired requirements. Unless your dog is a short-haired pooch, your dog should be groomed and clipped on a regular basis. Dash says: “if you don’t brushy brushy, I will come to clippy clippy”

Our Groomers are encouraged to discuss your dogs grooming requirements before they start to ensure expectations are met. Matts ondogs are not fun for any dog and actually can cause a lot of pain. Often we can’t see the matts close to the skin, especially on long haired dogs so we do encourage a regular grooming program to ensure your dogs donot become matted.

Final Touch-Ups

The ultimate jet-dry and a liberal splash of our exclusive P’aw de cologne will have your pup strutting like the top dog in your street! Then a tongue licking 100% Aussie Treat to seal the deal. Try stopping at just one!

You may note that you dog doesn’t come back into the house 100% dry. This is the cologne which is better to air dry naturally on your dog for best results.

Dash DogWash

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