Owning Your Own Dog Wash Franchise: Rachel’s Dash DogWash Story

“I Still Pinch Myself That I’m Working in My Dream Career” – Rachel

Rachel started her Dash DogWash journey in July 2021 with her Dash DogWash business based in Lismore, NSW. Her business is thriving and she has exceeded her income goals already. Read Rachel’s story below on why she became a dog groomer with Dash DogWash.

“I had looked into dog grooming businesses before but I was always reluctant to step into the unknown with responsibilities, mortgages and my own animals to care for. I would have to give up a very well paid established full-time position to follow my dreams……..that’s crazy, right?

Then the world changed with the Pandemic, and I started to seriously think about what I truly wanted to do. Our conversations around the dinner table again turned to a change in my career and looking further into a Dog Grooming Business. I Googled and Googled, researched and researched. After looking at so many options I had decided that I really liked the Dash DogWash branding. That Bright Yellow Kennel is the perfect marketing tool. So in February 2020, nervously I sent off my enquiry form and waited for somebody to contact me.  

That somebody was Col B. from Dash DogWash and Blue Wheelers. My life changed forever during that casual and informative conversation. I threw everything at Col, all my doubts, concerns and ‘what ifs’… he had a great response to everything and I heard myself saying ‘OK what is the next step?’ Holy Moly! This just may be happening.

Supported all the way by my own family and the Dash DogWash family, I went through the steps to owning and working in, not only my own business but working in my dream industry.

The entire Team at Dash DogWash were amazing, helping me set up my own Dash DogWash and making the process manageable. There was a lot to do, but I was supported every step of the way. Everyone was available to chat if I had a question (and I had lots). This meant I didn’t feel alone in any part of setting up my Dash DogWash business.

I did my intensive Dash DogWash Grooming Training in Brisbane. Luckily for me, I managed to squeeze this training in between lockdowns and border closures. This really set the standard in my work and gave me the confidence to be the best I could be in my new business. 

My first week on the road was in July 2021 and I was naturally feeling nervous.  I was grateful for my Dash DogWash Support Team Member who spent time with me, encouraging and assuring me every step of the way. My customers were so lovely and still are, my pups were equally as gorgeous. Many of the pups that first week have recurring pamper appointments to this day. Plus, I learn something new every day.

I still pinch myself that I am working in my dream career, that I followed my heart and that I work with dogs in my own business. The local community has really supported me and I am so proud to drive around with my ‘Yellow Kennel’ in tow, with a smile on my face!”

Written by Rachel from Dash DogWash Lismore.

If you’re thinking about a career change and love dogs, becoming a Dash DogWash Dog Groomer may be a perfect opportunity for you. Click the link to get your information pack and book in your no-obligation, experience day to see what it’s really like being a Dog Groomer.

Dash DogWash
Dash DogWash


Roll up those sleeves and join the team over at Dash DogWash – we will get you on the road earning good $’s in next to no time. All training and equipment provided. Just ask our team for more info.



  • Pre-brush to loosen dirt & debris
  • Eyes and ears gently cleaned
  • Towel drying
  • Cologne
  • De shedding
  • Get pup-arazzi ready with our exclusive shampoos
  • Jet Dried
  • Aussie doggy treat after every wash

Full Grooming available to ensure your dog’s coat is fashionably on point.

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