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Hello.  I’m Katie, your passionate, friendly, and professional Mobile Dog Wash and Groomer, serving the vibrant communities of Oakleigh East (3166), Huntingdale, and Chadstone (3148). I am a mum of 3 nearly all adult children and have very happily lived in Oakleigh East for the past 21 years. We own a very curious, cheeky and bold Golden Retriever, called Freddy Benson. I apologise in advance if you have already met him and are aware of his ability to drive other dogs mad with his playfulness.🤣

As a sole trader, I am the heart and sole of Dash DogWash.  To me,  is not just a grooming service; it’s a haven where doggos get pampered, tails wag, and bath time transforms into a fun adventure. Behind the soapy scenes, you’ll find me driven by a deep love for dogs and a genuine commitment to caring for my local community.

At Dash DogWash East Oakleigh, my detailed service is a bubbly celebration and dedicated care for your dog that fills my days with joy and energy.

Over my career, I’ve mastered the art of understanding both human and canine needs. My guiding principles are patience, reliability, and respect, coupled with a genuine passion for dogs, my own and yours. With a strong background in recruitment, I recognise the importance of finding the perfect fit. Your pup’s happiness and comfort are my priority. I ensure that every bath and groom is tailor-made to suit their unique and quirky needs. At Dash DogWash Oakleigh East, it’s not just about cleanliness; it’s about creating a positive and nurturing environment for your furry companions.

I offer a convenient, consultative, and detailed service, ensuring that every grooming session is a positive and stress-free experience for your beloved pets.

If you require a mobile washing and grooming service, reach out to Dash DogWash Oakleigh East, where the joy of a clean pup meets the warmth of a dog-loving family.

Let’s Make Bath Time an Experience Worth Barking About!


Dash DogWash
Dash DogWash


Roll up those sleeves and join the team over at Dash DogWash – we will get you on the road earning good $’s in next to no time. All training and equipment provided. Just ask our team for more info.



  • Pre-brush to loosen dirt & debris
  • Eyes and ears gently cleaned
  • Towel drying
  • Cologne
  • De shedding
  • Get pup-arazzi ready with our exclusive shampoos
  • Jet Dried
  • Aussie doggy treat after every wash

Full Grooming available to ensure your dog’s coat is fashionably on point.

Dash DogWash