How Are Your Dog Park Manners?

Taking your dog to an off-leash dog park is a great way to let them run around, burn off access energy, play and socialize with other dogs and humans.

Off-leash parks are public parks and these areas are not supervised by anyone. So, it’s up to the dog owners to be in charge and make sure they follow a good dog park etiquette to ensure everyone’s safety.

Well behaved dogs only please.
If your pup fears other dogs, humans, or is known to have issues with strangers, then an off-leash park is not the best idea for your dog just yet. You should not use a dog park to teach your dog how to behave with other dogs and humans.

How well do you know your pup?
When we first adopted our fur baby, we had no idea what he was like with other dogs and humans. So before taking him to the off-leash dog park, we made sure he was comfortable meeting plenty of dogs, playing with dogs, he was ok with humans, and knew to come to us when called.

Vaccinations up to date?
Please make sure your dog is fully vaccinated, registered, wormed and treated for external parasites before bringing them to the park to socialize with other dogs.

First time at the dog park?
Always have your dog on a leash when you enter the park, let the other dogs come and sniff, say hello. If your dog looks confident and not scared or aggressive towards the doggy welcome committee then you can let go.
If your dog is scared and she/he seems to be the target of other dominant dogs, please remove your dog from the situation. Don’t try and push them into playing with other dogs.
If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs, put him/her back on the leash and make sure you give him/her a time out.

Pick up after your Dog.
There are always plastic bags at off leash parks, so clean up and place waste in the bins provided.

Supervise your dog.
You need to make sure you always keep an eye on your dog. It only takes a second for an incident to occur. If you see trouble brewing, remove your pup from the situation.

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