Why is my dog shedding so much hair?

“My fashion philosophy is, if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty”  Elayne Boosler.

Are you doing everything to keep your dog well-groomed but often end up wearing dog hair anyway? While I am a firm believer that an outfit just isn’t complete without a bit of dog hair, being covered in dog hair kind of ruins my style at times. Do you agree? Well then read on…

Why Do Dogs Shed?
Dogs tend to drop aged or damaged hair by shedding. This is quite a natural process. The amount of shedding depends on many factors such as the breed, weather, health, nutrition, consistency of dog washing/grooming and more.

How Can I Reduce My Dog’s Shedding?
While it typically depends on the breed and other factors, regular grooming makes a big difference. Make sure you brush your fur child at least once a day to avoid a problematic and a matted coat. Speak to your local Dash DogWash mobile dog groomer/washer on how to get started on grooming/washing your pets regularly.

Next is diet – “you are what you eat”
Poor quality diet often plays a huge factor in shedding. Please do your research and make sure you are feeding them a well-balanced diet. By making small changes to their diet you can help prevent excess shedding.

When is it time to see the vet?
Unusual hair loss could be due to many reasons. Often it indicates an underlying health issue. If you notice the following conditions please consult your vet for a treatment.

  • Hair that breaks/falls out unevenly or Bald patches of lost fur
  • Allergies, skin irritation (including rashes, redness, bumps)
  • Fur has become brittle and very dry
  • Constant Scratching

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